Trow is a container registry. It is designed to integrate into Kubernetes clusters, providing solutions for image provenance and auditing, as well as fast distribution of images. It currently passes all the OCI Distribution conformance tests and is almost at the stage where it could be seriously considered for projects. I personally believe the space the project sits in is overdue for change and will see new developments with or without us. We’re seeing this already with Google's move from GCR to Artifact Registry, the ORAS project, Kraken and Dragonfly. Trow is nicely positioned and with a bit of a push could be relevant in the space.

Trow is implemented in Rust. We chose Rust as it compiles down into a binary, which allows to create something fast & lightweight. The downsides are that there is a learning curve to getting started with Rust and the library ecosystem is still evolving. Regarding the learning curve, we are running a regular Rust tutorial which everyone is welcome to join.


Get a self-hosted registry for your organisation's images up-and-running quickly
Tight integration with Kubernetes
Lock down the images that can run in your cluster
Open-source with enterprise support


Integration with vulnerability scanners
Advanced distribution options for quick deployment of image updates
Integration with existing authentication and authorization solutions
Support for immutable tags and image streams
Full audit log of operations

Available now on GitHub