The java-operator-sdk project aims to bring the wonders of Kubernetes operator development to the world of Java. As Java is the primary language in many enterprise companies it’s a huge opportunity to get those developers create advanced automation for their applications and be part of developing programmable infrastructure.

As CS’s main market is enterprise this is directly reaching our potential customers and furthering our message about Cloud Native DevOps collaboration. We also want to ride the Cloud Native Java wave, which has a lot of cool emerging technologies and push by big companies (e.g. by Redhat). Finally we hope that the project becomes big enough to get us talk spots at large Java events like CodeOne and Devoxx.

The project is in a semi-mature state - main functionality is there but a lot of cool stuff around building and deploying operators is yet to be implemented. We have one user in maintenance mode and one active one currently.

Issue wise we have both small ones to dip you toes and large development epics. Join us at #java-operator-sdk or our Discord channel:

Available now on GitHub